Have you ever lost a set of keys?

Over 100 MILLION dollars has been spent on buying replacement keys.

Our return keys service offers.


Key Tags

Set of two metal modillion key tags. You get a set (2) tags with: REWARD FOR RETURN This important message increases your chances of getting your keys back when they are lost. Return The Keys will reward the finder for the return of your keys.

MailboxPostage Guaranteed

The finder of your keys only needs to drop your keys into any mailbox to have them sent to our office. Return The Keys will then forward them to you. Your personal information is protected. We pay all the postage to have your keys returned to you!

PhoneToll Free Telephone Number

Our toll free number is listed on every tag, as well as our website address. Making it easy for the finder to contact Return The Keys to arrange for the reward and return of your keys.

SAfe LogoBe Safe!

Security is the most important thing Return The Keys service offers to you when you lose a set of keys. You don’t want to have any personal information on your keys. Just imagine losing your car and or house keys, and having the person that finds your keys know where you live or where your car is located.

A one-time fee buys a set of key tags that you can register. Your tags have our toll free number, website address tag number, and pre-paid postage for mailing the keys to our office. We then contact you, arrange delivery of your keys and pay the reward.

How our service works:

1. Purchase your key tags and attach 1 to the set of keys you want returned.

2. Register your Tag #. This service is FREE.

3. The finder of your lost keys with your registered tag will only be able to contact us, so we can return your keys to you for FREE. For your security we will not provide the finder with your information.

Order a set now!                         Also makes a great gift!


key_money_smallThe High Cost of Losing you Keys!

by Ronald Montoya, Consumer Advice Editor

Why Losing Your Keys Could Cost As Much As Your Monthly Payment!

By: David Sedgwick | AOL Autos


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